Need a Maid?

Maid Brigade is the one house cleaning service that simplifies life by taking care of everything, so you can turn your attention to other matters.

Self-Service Laundry

“Do your laundry in style and FAST – using our Express Washers”

“Large washers and dryers, bonus dollars and points"

All new laundry, totally new washers and dryers and fully attended

Pasadena Laundry has washers and dryers of all sizes available for your use –

  • Two 8 load Powerload Plus
  • Four 5 load Powerloads
  • Four 4 load Powerloads
  • Ten 3 load Extraloads
  • Nineteen 2 load Doubleloads
  • Eight Single load toploaders
  • Forty-two 30 lb. dryer pockets
  • Two 50 lb. dryer pockets

You will receive additional “bonus” money on your card when you make the following deposits onto your laundry card at one time:

- add $10, receive $0.50 bonus
- add $20, receive $2.00 bonus
- add $50, receive $5.00 bonus
- add $100, receive $10 bonus

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